Place to eat

Hotel Celebration Restaurant , Nr. Gurudwara , Jamnagar
Madras Restaurant,Teen Batti,Jamnagar.
New Aram Restaurant,P. N. Marg,Jamnagar.
Swati Restaurant,Teen Batti,Jamnagar.
Urvee Restaurant,Super Market,Jamnagar.
7 seas Restaurant, at the Hotel president good food

Fast food

Ambika Evening (Time : 6 to 10) Digvijay Plot, Jamnagar
Icy Spicy Evening (Time : 7 to 12pm) Nr. Gurudatatrai Temple , Jamnagar
Yummy's Food Pandit Nehru Marg Jamnagar
US Pizza 6, Patel colony Pandit Nehru Marg Jamnagar
Ankur Nasta, Khambhalia Gate, Jamnagar
Flavours Fast Food Restaurant Pandit Nehru Marg, Jamnagar
Kalpana Restaurant , Jamnagar
Sharda Restaurant, Nr. ST depot, Jamnagar (Gujarati Restaurants, Veg Restaurants)

PAAN WORLD (THE MODERN SHOP) Paan is an ethic Indian chew usually served at the end of a meal



Khambhalia Gate

firefox Jamnagar, or the city of Jams was built by the Jadeja Rajputs, as their capital in 1540 and the city was among one of the important princely states of saurashtra. This city was built around the small Ranmal Lake and in the centre of the Lake is a small palace.

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Ranmal Lake

Ranmal (Lakhota) lake In the centre of old Jamnagar, on an island, are located two magnificient old structures, the Lakhota Fort, in middle of the Lake and Bhujia Kotha just near by to the Lake. Lakhota Fort is Jamnagar's Museum and its terraces display a fine collection of sculpture that spans from a period of the 9th Century to the 18th Century. The Bhujia Kotha is Jamnagar's arsenal. One of its most interesting sights is an old well, the water of which can be drawn by blowing into a small hole in the floor.


Three foundation stone were laid; one can see one of them in “Dilawar” cycle shop near Wellington Circle (Darbar Garh). Second one can be seen in Mr. P. H. Sheth’s home near Ram Hotel (Darbar Garh). Third foundation stone’s location is not known. Although Jam Rawal named this city as Nawanagar, even till 1800 AD City’s business man referred this city as its old name or “Nagni” hence it can be concluded that there was a flourishing city when Jam Rawal took over crown of Jamnagar. Jamnagar city is oldest city in Saurashtra, it was aptly named “Jamnagar” from “Nawanagar” from rulers of the city.